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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Coming up this week

It's cold out there! January winds are fierce and the temperatures painful, so instead of fighting the chill, why not stay inside, curl up with a cup of cocoa and enjoy some blog time with thet Wedding Planner authors? We'll be right here waiting. I'll even share my marshmallows.....

Monday - Please come by and meet the new addition to Linda Goodnight's family!

Special Guest! One day this week (Tuesday if all goes well) we're scheduled to host author and recent M.O.G. (Mother of the Groom) Merrillee Wren. Please be here to say hello.

Wednesday - Melissa James will be posting from the beautiful land of the Swiss.

Friday - You won't want to miss Friday when Myrna McKenzie shares "Does this wedding ring come with guacomole?"

Is that an intriguing title, or what?

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