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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Christmas Theme Weddings With A Twist

I was married in December and had a Christmas-themed wedding. We had the traditional poinsettia flower arrangements and green, red and gold decorations.

But I didn't put my bridesmaids in red velvet. I chose green satin instead. My flower girls (my sister Tammy and niece Kelli) were in white dresses with red dotted Swiss. I didn't want to be 'too' traditional in my approach to my Christmas themed wedding.

There are a lot of ways you can go with Christmas themes. You don’t even need to stick with red and green. http://www.allweddingideas.com/christmas-weddings suggests that gold, silver and burgundy are also Christmas colors.

Lifestyle.iloveindia (http://lifestyle.iloveindia.com/lounge/christmas-table-decorations-3781.html) has the wonderful idea of using white, blue and pale shades of purple to give your Christmas table a winter look. They also suggest placing an ornamental silver candleholder in the center of the table and surrounding it with things like ornamental snowflakes, little snowmen, strands of clear beads, snowy white garlands, etc.

If you're really in a Christmas mood, todays-weddings.com suggests little stockings stuffed with chocolate for guest favors or a personalized ornament for each attendee's Christmas tree.

David's Bridal (Davidsbridal.com/styleguide_dressguide)has a fabulous (and simple!) guide to show you what kind of dress will look best for your figure! You can add a cape with white fur-trimmed hood to almost any of today's strapless gowns to even give yourself a little Christmas flair.

But the best way to have a Christmas themed wedding is to take a look at your family's holiday traditions and the traditions of your groom to personalize your wedding to make it special for the whole family.

susan meier


Blogger Linda Goodnight said...

You're getting me in the mood for Christmas! I love the idea of little stockings stuffed with chocolate as guest favors. That's adorable.

Linda g

November 21, 2008 at 2:26 PM  
Blogger Myrna Mackenzie said...

A Christmas wedding? It's as if...how could you make a wedding even more romantic? Have it at Christmas? Absolutely! And personalized ornaments would be such a nice touch!

November 22, 2008 at 9:38 AM  
Blogger Brandy said...

I can just imagine a candle-lit Christmas themed wedding! And the stocking with treats as guest favors sounds adorable!

November 22, 2008 at 8:16 PM  

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