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Monday, November 17, 2008

The Cookie Connection

Anyone who knows me knows I LOVE food. I especially love dessert. The hardest part about being on a diet (and I'm perpetually one because I love food and dessert, and sadly, those two things don't go along with fitting in a bathing suit) is that you can't have cookies for breakfast, lunch and/or dinner.

I know. The world is unfair.

But in my novels, I can create whatever world I want. I can create a world where people fall in love because of cookies. Hey, I would ;-). Actually, I'd probably fall in love over a chocolate chip, but then again, I'm easy to please.

That's the premise behind Marry-Me Christmas, which comes out in December. The heroine, Samantha Barnett, owns a bakery that makes cookies rumored to make people fall in love after they eat them. She doesn't know if this rumor is true because she bakes the cookies--but doesn't eat them, just in case. Then a reporter, Flynn McGregor, comes to town, to disprove this absolutely insane theory about the cookies.

It's my second book set in Riverbend, Indiana (those of you have read Miracle on Christmas Eve and remember Earl, will be pleased to know he gets more of a starring role in this book). Christmas is alive and well in Riverbend again this year and Flynn, unlike CJ in Miracle on Christmas Eve, is bah-humbugging his way through town. Until he meets Samantha, and starts to wonder if maybe he's been missing out on a little something by avoiding the magic of Christmas.

All kinds of foods are rumored to be aphrodisiacs. Oysters (ugh!), chocolate, figs, asparagus, champagne (okay, I can get behind that one. Give me the champagne and chocolates, but hold the oysters). Discovery Health even has an article on this phenomenon, that says the scent of pumpkin, as well as that of buttered popcorn, can get people in the mood for love. I don't know about you, but buttered popcorn has me ready for a theater and a double-feature with George Clooney.

Oh wait, maybe I am falling in love over popcorn ;-).

Tell me, do you believe in the whole "food can make you fall in love" thing? Do you have a food that you definitely can't live without? One that if your special someone brings it home, all is forgiven? Do share...virtual calories are waistline friendly!



Blogger Linda Goodnight said...

Love this post, Shirely, probably because I love cookies and all things baked and sweet, too!

I once read a piece on the effect of cinnamon on the human psyche. According to the research, the smell can arouse feelings of attractions, nostalgia, and a host of other good feelings. That's why in several of my books, including the one I just finished which won't be out until NEXT Christmas, my heroine bakes cinnamon cookies and when the hero comes inside the house....well, I'll save the good stuff for later. lol

November 17, 2008 at 6:48 AM  
Blogger Brandy said...

I don't know if my hubs could bring home a certain food and all would be forgiven. I do know that to me the scent of vanilla or cookies baking is soothing. *g* Maybe if my hubs were to bake for me.....*G*

November 17, 2008 at 1:25 PM  
Blogger Julie Hilton Steele said...

Cherry chunk cookies in the book did it for some of your characters but now if it were me, I think of chocolate as what you eat when you are in need of comfort not love...no matter that they say it affects your brain. I am allergic to popcorn.

But my husband and I have a ritual of going to get frozen custard every Sunday together. We walk two miles there and two back so that helps with the calories...it is about the togetherness more than anything.

November 18, 2008 at 4:04 PM  

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