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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Guest Blog: Wedding Day Beauty

Wedding Day Beauty - Putting Your Best Face Forward

In the pages of romance novels, creating perfect skin for the heroine is as easy as putting words like “porcelain” or “radiant” down on the page. In real life, though it takes a bit more planning, it doesn’t have to be difficult to create the look you want for your wedding day.
For some reason, makeup and skin care never seem to be on the top ten list of things to be taken care of prior to the big day. Often more thought is given to the cake than to the bride’s face!
When you look back at your photos in years to come, you want to see YOU, not some excessively made up version of yourself. Your wedding day look should simply be a more beautiful, enhanced version of you.

Start Early
At least three to six months before your wedding day, you want to begin paying attention to skin care. Even the best makeup artist will be challenged to correct skin that hasn’t been cleansed, moisturized, SPF-protected, and exfoliated over a period of time. If you don’t already have a skin care routine, invest in yourself at this time by consulting a professional. It doesn’t have to be complicated and a dedicated skin care regime will carry you through life, even after the I-do’s.

Make it Fun
One to three months before your wedding, plan a beauty party for the bridal party. Have your beauty consultant recommend looks and colors for everyone to try. The makeup can be a wonderful bridesmaid gift and it’s one way of ensuring a seamless color palette for everyone.
When choosing makeup, avoid bright or shiny products as they don’t photograph well due to the light they reflect. Instead, opt for powdered, matte eyeshadows and blushes as they contain more pigment, will photograph better, and they last longer. Be prepared for wedding day tears by using waterproof mascara and eyeliner. Steer clear of very red or dark lips as they tend to require more upkeep when you are doing a lot of kissing and champagne toasts.

Delegate the Worry
Your makeup shouldn’t stress you out on your wedding day. Bridal jitters can set you up for mistakes in application. Have it applied by a professional who can also help keep you calm, and designate a bridesmaid as the keeper-of-the-face. She can carry a touch up kit with face powder, concealer, blotting tissues, lipstick, etc.

The Whole Picture
Remember that skin care doesn’t just apply to your face. Your hands will also be on display as you show off your bling and if you are wearing sandals your feet need to be picture perfect as well. Even those bits that only your groom will see should be soft and supple. Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize and this will go a long way to making sure both your skin and your day run more smoothly.

The End

Carolyn Hueston is a Senior Independent Beauty Consultant for Mary Kay cosmetics. For skin care and beauty ideas, including bridal looks, visit her website at www.marykay.ca/chueston

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Blogger Melissa said...

Thanks for all the tips, Carolyn! Great advice.

I used a Mary Kay make up person when I got married. She came to the hotel and did all of our faces the morning of the wedding. It was so much fun! And boy did having a pro do it take the pressure off since make up is not my thing!


April 1, 2008 at 7:07 AM  
Anonymous Linda g said...

What a great blog and such good ideas. When my son got married, my daughter in law planned a 'girls' night a couple of days before the wedding for the bridesmaids and Moms. We all met at a manicure salon after hours. As part of her gift to all of us, we had manicures and pedicures. Since we were wearing open-toed shoes, this was especially nice. Plus we felt so special!

Linda g

April 1, 2008 at 4:07 PM  
Anonymous Serena, the wedding dress designer said...

Make up is so important! As are nails and toenails. Plus it's fun to be pampered on such a big day!

Something I recommend to brides who come to the Wedding Belles is have her colors done. This can really help selecting what white to choose for her dress, a color that will compliment her coloring and skin tone. There are so many different white colors and combination to choose from: white, diamond white, ivory, champagne.

April 1, 2008 at 5:22 PM  

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