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Monday, August 25, 2008

Disney Wedding with Deb Mullins Part II

Destination Weddings – Disneyland Part 2 (The Reception)

One of the best things about having our wedding at Disneyland was the ease of arranging a wedding that was being held in California from my home in New Jersey. The Disney wedding planners did everything by email or fax or regular mail, making it very easy to keep track of everything from so far away.

Disney has many menus to choose from regarding food. We went with a fruit and cheese display for the cocktail hour, and a simple buffet for dinner. The food was delicious! Also, the coordinator made sure the bride and groom ate first.

Disney can also design the wedding cake. You can have different flavors of cakes for each layer (chocolate with raspberry filling for me and chocolate chip almond cake with cream cheese icing for the groom), and the fantastic creations they can dream up… Wow. We had a white chocolate replica of the Disney castle as the topper for our cake. My husband wanted to know who was going to eat such a thing. My response? Every female in the place! Here’s a picture of our wedding cake, courtesy of photographer Alyn Stafford.

The Disneyland Hotel also has some breathtaking backgrounds for taking photos. There are waterfalls underneath the Disneyland Hotel, and at night they turn on gorgeous colored lights that play off the falls. This is a picture snapped by Alyn Stafford while the reception was going on. Earlier, the wedding party had posed for photos here.

You can see fountains through the windows of the Garden Terrace room, where we had our reception. This room has three walls made up of floor-to-ceiling windows so you can enjoy the great view while partying, and the bar was outside on the terrace. (You can see part of the terrace in the upper right corner of the picture The railings in the middle of the picture belong to the bridge that takes you to the hotel.) While there were curious passers-by observing the festivities, Disney was great about posting signs and roping off areas to preserve our privacy.

The Disney wedding package also includes a free night at the hotel for the bride and groom, as well as discounted room rates and park tickets for your guests.

Now you would think that a wedding at Disneyland would cost the earth. Though I had my heart set on Disney, we had shopped around Southern California to get an idea of prices for the area. But we were able to have a very memorable wedding in a lovely rose garden, followed by photos in front of spectacular waterfalls and really good food in a room that overlooked scenic fountains and foliage, all for a reasonable price when compared to other venues. And the service and quality you get there makes it worth every penny in my book!

Deb Mullins


Blogger Caridad Pineiro said...

This looks so amazing, Deb! A truly unique wedding and wishes for many many more happy years to you!

August 28, 2008 at 5:57 AM  

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